About Us

The History of ThatHustle:
ThatHustle formerly known as MorrisVideos is a site dedicated to bringing you exclusive mashup music videos. MorrisVideos was first established in 2006 and became ThatHustle in 2009. Over the years we have changed dramatically from a blog, to a forum, to a torrent site, back to a forum, only to wind up back where we started in 2006, a site committed to providing you with the best mashups on the net! The sole owner MorrisBX has been making mashup videos since 2006. He specializes in audio & video editing. If you have questions or would like to hire Morris or contribute to the site in anyway please feel free to contact him here.

Support ThatHustle:
We don't believe in bombarding our viewers with advertisements and run strictly on donations. Please show your support by giving what you can, any help would be greatly appreciated!

What is a Mashup?
noun: mashup
a mixture or fusion of disparate elements.
  • a recording created by digitally combining and synchronizing instrumental tracks with vocal tracks from two or more different songs.
What Programs Morris Uses?
Audio:  For audio edits, he utilizes the latest version of Logic Pro X for Mac.
Video:  For all video edits, he uses the latest version of Final Cut Pro X for Mac.

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