Eve vs Trina - Verzuz Mashup

Mashup trailer I put together for tomorrow's Verzuz featuring Eve & Trina.

Songs Used:
Ludacris feat. Trina - B R Right (Instrumental & Vocals)
Eve - Tambourine (Instrumental & Vocals)
Pitbull feat. Young Boss & Trina - Go Girl (Vocals)

Download Video:  Eve vs Trina - Verzuz Mashup Trailer (1080p).mp4

Download Trailer Audio:  Bandcamp (MP3 / WAV / FLAC)

UPDATE:  After receiving a ton of requests for it...and me being the people person that I am, I have decided to drop the full mix of the Eve vs Trina mashup "Tambourine R Right".  ENJOY!

Download Video:  Eve vs. Trina feat. Ludacris - Tambourine R Right (Full Video) (1080p).mp4

Download Audio:  Bandcamp (MP3 / WAV / FLAC)

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