Bobb Deep - Got It Twisted (Remastered)

Quick history lesson on us for those who care.  Back in early 2006 MorrisVideos was born, inspired by this mashup right here.  Eventually we rebranded ourselves as what you see today; ThatHustle.  For Flashback Friday this week we've decided to remaster our first video ever!  Mobb Deep & Bob Marley (collectively known as Bobb Deep) "Got It Twisted".  A mix by DJ Swindle, video by me, MorrisBX.  Enjoy!

Songs Used:
Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved (Instrumental & Vocals)
Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted (Instrumental & Vocals)

Video Streams:  YouTube

Download Video:  Bobb Deep - Got It Twisted (Remastered) (1080p).mp4

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