Beyonce x Jay-Z - Bey-Z (Mashup Album)

Bey-Z is a mashup album of, well, Beyonce & Jay-Z of course, courtesy of Amorphous. Music video trailer edited by yours truly.

1. Beyoncé x Jay-Z - Partition Frontin' 03:48
2. Beyoncé x Jay-Z - Formation Who? 04:00
3. Beyoncé x Jay-Z - XO Life 04:14
4. Beyoncé x Jay-Z - Irreplaceable Song 04:28
5. Beyoncé x Jay-Z - Can I Get A Partition? 03:51
6. Beyoncé x Jay-Z - Baby Boy Is Mine 03:42
7. Beyoncé x Jay-Z - Pimpin' Diva 03:24
via Amorphous:
"With 'Bey-Z', I wanted to pay tribute to two artists in this world who have inspired me artistically, but also for their work ethic. for creating opportunity for themselves. for not settling for less. thank you bey + jay."

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